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BELFOR Environmental Provides Deep Cleaning For Coronavirus

BELFOR Environmental is providing cleaning services for buildings and facilities exposed to COVID-19. Our cleaning services can help reduce the risk of infection or illness, cross-contamination, and downtime in operations.

We are taking this seriously as a company with a responsibility to protect our employees and our clients. All of our services meet the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

If there is an outbreak or incident in your building or facility that would impact your operations, or if you would like to be proactive, please contact BELFOR Environmental at 1-800-930-0011.


BELFOR Environmental is a leading single-source provider of environmental services in the United States. From asbestos and lead removal, to hazardous waste management and semiconductor decommissioning, we have the expertise, equipment and materials to respond to virtually any environmental challenge.

We are one of few environmental service companies with a comprehensive service offering that includes HAZMAT emergency spill response, abatement, and facility and site remediation. We direct projects from assessment to closure certification.

We maintain HAZMAT and abatement licenses in most states and provide services nationally through regional environmental service offices in Colorado, Oregon, Georgia, California, Nevada, Idaho, Texas, and Arizona. We partner with BELFOR Property Restoration offices to offer unparalleled geographic coverage, capability and capacity.

Our mission is to provide tailored solutions to environmental challenges while incorporating core values of safety, efficiency and urgency.

BELFOR Environmental is a division of BELFOR Holdings, Inc., the worldwide leader in disaster recovery services. BELFOR has more than 9,400 employees in more than 300 offices in 34 countries.


BELFOR Environmental in Oregon was contracted to perform demolition after a house fire completely destroyed the structure.  Lost in the fire was one item that the homeowner missed the most -- a 1926 Saint Gaudens gold coin. He had spent a great deal of time sifting through the rubble with no luck.  By the third day on site, BELFOR and the homeowner had loaded out most of the debris and lost hope of recovering the coin. 

In the last hours of the day, BELFOR Environmental took one more pass in the most heavily burned area and, with incredible luck, found the coin in remarkable condition. The homeowner rushed over to the site in tears and disbelief. It was a silver (gold) lining to a misfortunate event.