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BELFOR Provides COVID-19 Cleaning Services Around The World

BELFOR is providing COVID-19 cleaning services through its offices around the world.  To find out which countries can provide the service, click here.

At BELFOR, we pride ourselves on being the world’s largest disaster restoration company with unmatched experience and a proven track record of superior emergency response services. With more than 70 years in the business, we have the experience, resources, technologies, financial strength and capabilities to respond to any disaster - large or small - and offer a comprehensive selection of services from water extraction and reconstruction to document recovery and decontamination of machinery.

BELFOR obtained its leadership position by instilling a corporate culture comprised of superior service, accountability, internal growth, strategic acquisition, technological development and training of its intellectual assets.

Powered by a highly trained work force located in more than 300 full-service offices in 32 countries, an emergency response by BELFOR is a site to behold!  With one call, we can immediately mobilize vast amounts of equipment, supplies and manpower and, in no time at all, we’re on the move and on the spot, with the solutions you need to drastically reduce your property damage, minimize your business disruption and get your life back to normal.

Wind, fire, water. No matter how great the chaos, BELFOR can help.